Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Real Race By Skip Wilkins - 1217 Words

The Real Race written by Skip Wilkins is an enlightening story. As Wilkins stated â€Å"the real race is not about winning medals or being the best athlete, the real race is life with a commitment to God (Skip Joseph 1981). People deal with challenges daily, but we must all learn how to face those challenges by putting them in God’s hands as Skip did. Though at times Skip wanted to give up as being a wheelchair athlete his mom, dad, and wife Daphne was always there to support and console him. The real race gave more incite about people with disabilities. Skip was an athletic young man in high school. The day after graduation Skip was up early to head to work at a china department. By midmorning Skip’s friend stopped by his job to invite him to go water skiing after work. Skip agreed to go after his friend was accompanied by two attractive young ladies. During water skiing Sip faced a terrible accident when his ski hit a rock below the surface. Skip was jerked out of the ski and his body was tossed up in the air. Skip was rushed to the hospital. Dr. Neal a neurosurgeon stated to Patsy and Tommy Skip’s parents, that Skip had injured his fourth, fifth, and sixth vertebrate. Stating to his parents that skip would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. While Skip was in the hospital he had a visitor by the name of Johnny Coke. Johnny explained to Skip as he stood over him that he too had broken his neck, but it happened during college. Skip had a sense of relief seeing this youngShow MoreRelatedInnovators Dna84615 Words   |  339 PagesChatter, e-mail in-boxes have shrunk dramatically (by 43 percent at because the majority of communications are now status updates and feeds in Chatter. â€Å"Employees now follow accounts, and updates are automatically broadcast to them in real-time via Chatter,† Benioff told us. â€Å"This is the true power of Chatter—bringing to light the most important people and ideas that move our companies forward. I call this social intelligence, and it’s giving everyone access to the people, the knowledgeRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesmanager. Supplemental Material PASSWORD-PROTECTED ASSESSMENT WEB SITE If your instructor has signed up for this object, an access-code-protected Web site is available so you can take the Skill Assessments in the book online and receive immediate, real-time feedback on how your scores compare with those of thousands of other students in our PREFACE xix ever-expanding database. (Two assessments in the book—â€Å"Source of Personal Stress† in Chapter 2 and the â€Å"Best-Self Feedback Exercise† in Chapter

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